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Defining Sports

Sports are organized physical activities performed for competition in an outdoor venue. These satisfy the need for physical activity, play and competition amongst human beings. All sports activities are potentially competitive; some sports may not be technically competitive. However, this is only the salient difference between sports as a spectator sport and, more importantly, physical play and competition that sports build.
To know the full definition of sports, one must also clearly define what type of sport they are. The most common and widely accepted definition is a game involving physical skill and the interaction of two or more persons. However, there are many other definitions that may be equally important. For example, games such as American football, rugby, ice hockey and Australian football are all considered to be part of the sporting tradition of a country or group of countries.
The essence of sports, therefore, is competitive physical exertion. It is necessary for any sport, game or sport activity to involve both skill and hand-eye coordination. In most sports, there is also a requirement for speed, agility, endurance, and body conditioning. The object of the game is to be the first one to complete a course of action, while keeping within the time limit. A sport can be as simple as a game of tag or as complicated as a competitive chess game.
Many people think that sports are competitions; they are not. As with all competitive physical activity, the object of the game is to be the first one to complete a course of action. The object of sports is not to win but to compete. Thus, while in many sports the winner is declared the winner because he or she has the most skill, the skill of the winner is measured by the intensity and competitive nature of the exercise.
As a result, most people are attracted to sports, which require physical dexterity as well as high degree of self-discipline. There are many ways to play sports; the most popular sports include track and field, volleyball, softball, baseball, basketball, soccer, sailing and softball. Most people take up sports for the reason of recreation, while some take sports seriously to develop their motor skills.
The meaning of sports, however, goes beyond recreation. To draw a clear distinction between the two terms, recreation refers to any kind of physical activity that is intended to satisfy the needs of a person to increase his or her fitness or physical condition, such as learning archery, jogging, or participating in high-intensity aerobics classes. Sports on the other hand, pertain to any type of competition or event that focuses on the actualization of the definition of sport: the vigorous pursuit of a physical goal. This includes athletic pursuits, military activities, and outdoor pursuits such as camping, hiking and hunting. Today, even common recreational activities, such as riding bicycles, participating in indoor sports events such as soccer, basketball and tennis, and playing traditional games such as bingo, can be considered as sports.

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